Corcoran Minnesota 55340 Air Conditioner Installers Call or Text Dan 7635467377

Corcoran Minnesota 55340 Air Conditioning Installers Call or Text Dan 7635467377

Regular service of your A/C unit can help ensure efficiency. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Lester G., Sterling, Virginia)

Dear Angie: How often should a central air conditioning unit be serviced if there is no problem? My A/C unit is 10 years old. – L.O., Hopewell Junction, New York.

Dear L.O.: Even if you don’t believe that any difficulties with your current air conditioner unit, heating and cooling experts on Angie’s List believe it’s a good idea to get it looked at, serviced and thoroughly cleaned on annual basis — if possible in the springtime — to verify it runs at peak energy effectiveness which is all set to cool your home throughout the months you really need it most.

For the reason that your HVAC unit functions, it builds up debris and grime in essential places that impair its proper efficiency, including the condensing coils and air filters. Eventually left unchecked, your A/C system definitely will lose 5 percent of its running functionality year after year as a result of build-up, meaning it can’t cool the house just as capably as it can if this were clean.

A large number of heating and cooling companies offer low-priced, preventive repairs and maintenance service contracts — priced at typically between $70 and $100 — whereby they’ll clean and service your HVAC unit and swap the air filter. A few businesses may be even offer you discounts as soon as you apply for a yearly offer and will offer you favorite arrangement scheduling to preventive service participants, if an issue come across while the rather busy time of the year.

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