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Blazing summer sun coupled with humidity sure makes all of us reach for that air-conditioning remote to blast cool air and turn our homes from tropic to an artic. Nothing is worse and more frustrating than the moment when the air-conditioning breaks down; lack of cool air combined with the thought of the likely repair costs makes it even worse if possible.

Say ciao to all your cooling worries with Yours By Design’s there by your side. The skilled air conditioning contractors in Minneapolis offering the very best of air conditioning repair services you will find across Minneapolis.

Our expert air-conditioning contractors in Minneapolis will not only fix the problem in a jiffy, but also conduct a diagnostic of sorts to decrease the likelihood of your air-conditioning unit breaking down again. They will take into account your home or business’ size and where it’s located along with the age of your cooling system, where it’s placed and a quick overview of its current condition. All this information will then be used to tailor a customized preventive care and maintenance tips and checklist for you to follow that will increase the unit’s efficiency and shelf life.

For example, did you know that you can reduce the load on your air-conditioning and bring down your energy bill by almost 20% with optimum insulation and sealing? Or that you can decrease your home or business’ temperature by almost 25 degrees by getting the roof painted in a light or pale color? You can expect many more such practical tips from our team that take a more holistic lens to your cooling needs.

Air-conditioning repair needn’t be the overwhelming problem it usually is with Yours By Design.

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