When Should I Replace My Furnace? 4 questions to ask


Preventative action is always a good idea with your home’s heating and cooling system. It is especially important not to wait until a crisis occurs. A cold night in January, with the furnace faltering or failed, is not the time to assess your heating system.

Here are 4 questions to answer when determining whether or  not your furnace needs replacement:

  1. How old is your furnace?
    • Generally your furnace should last on the average 20 years for an 80% furnace (flue is metal)
    • 90% will last longer if it is well maintained


  2. Have you Serviced furnace (tuned up) in the last 5 years. Don’t know? Time to have a HVAC company out for one.
  3. Does the furnace continually have problems during the winter season costing you money? Having a history of trouble can lead to deeper issue of why the furnace is not working to the design of the furnace. Have a HVAC representative come to evaluate the situation and determine if a new furnace would solve the problem.
  4. Do you see rust, soot, damage of any kind on the exterior? Most of the time if the damage is showing on the exterior, the same is true on the inside. The heat exchanger is the only barrier between you and Carbon Monoxide.